NUA Jr. Teachers

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Junior Teachers
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Hello we are bright students who believe that we know many different strategies to teach your class. These strategies are fun and make the students more interested in the lesson and show them more than one way of learning.

NUA was on the CNN news with the Junior Teachers from Bridgeport CT. with Ms.Alexis and other very important people in the NUA.  

Click the link to print and download the sides of a vocab cube:





We are the Junior Teachers who want to show your class new and different strategies that will make them more interested in the lesson.

Video made by NUA consultant and our advisor Ms.Alexis.

Featuring: Amos Koffa, Harry Sisco, Tamara Conner, Tamir Reynolds, Lamonte McFarlande, LeAndre' McFarlande, Deyona Johnson, Deshawn Ford, and R'mani Rodgers  

Check out this article in For The Children Newsletter about Harry Sisco and the Vocab. Cube click the link below:  

A paper created by Amos Koffa below.